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Baddhare Salon and Spa needs your help to find our next team member. We are relentlessly searching for a front desk associate and salon assistant to join our Baddass team.
Are you or someone you know looking for a new career path? Please send them our way.Logo Black 2017

Baddhare Salon and Spa thrives off of five core values that truly makes this business a great work environment for our staff and our loyal guests.

Unique – 

Baddhare is one of a kind! We are the only salon in the Grand Strand supporting our guests and staff with safer beauty options. We are also the only salon in Myrtle Beach who recycles up to 95% of our salon and spa waste. The beauty industry accumulates 877 pounds of waste every minute! We are a proud partner of Green Circle Salons. Our efforts as a certified sustainable salon will have a positive environmental impact locally and globally.

Education – 

Baddhare Salon proudly launched Baddhare University at the beginning of 2022. This program thoroughly trains our service providers and support staff to take our expertise and customer service to the next level. We love hosting guest artist for even more in-house education quarterly.

Education also lives in every hair and spa appointment. We conduct each service as a learning experience for our clients.  Education is never-ending for the staff and guests of Baddhare.

Passion – 

We have a true love for what we do!

Family – 

When you become a staff member of guest of Baddhare Salon and Spa, you become a part of the family. Our staff has a mutual love and respect for all other employees and guests.

Transparency – 

Baddhare will always have the upmost integrity and honesty when it comes to all aspects of our business. From pricing to ingredient lists, honesty is our best policy.

It takes a special person to become a Baddhare Team Member.

Some of our requirements include:mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.filestackcontent

–  Be Trainable and Coachable

–  Have Outstanding Communication Skills

–  Be Quick with Creative Problem Solving

–  Be Highly Organized and Detail-oriented

–  Take Direction Well and Thrive with a High Preforming Team

–  Be a Direct Reflection of the Beauty Industry with Attention to your Personal Appearance

–  Be Comfortable in a Fast-paced Environment where Priorities can Change Quickly

Future Front Desk Associate Additional Requirements Include:

mail? 26fd bce2 1c83 030012013b00&sig=6sgVP8EFPdlwuX.sR7TZ–  Possessing leadership skills to guide and hold staff accountable to policies and procedures.

–  Support sales goals of the business and individual service providers.

– Be Tech savvy with the ability to navigate through excel, word, salon software, and trouble shooting technical difficulties.

How can you help???

Spread the word that Baddhare Salon and Spa is hiring! If we hire someone you recommended to us, you will receive a $60 Gift Card on their 60th day of employment. Its a win, win for everyone. Our new employee gets a new career opportunity and you get a Gift Card to your favorite Salon and Spa in Myrtle Beach!

Apply in person or contact Rhysa Anderson (salon owner) at 843.267.3138. You can also visit “Career Opportunities” in the “About Us” drop down for more information.



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