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Explore the premiere clean beauty hair salon in Myrtle Beach! Baddhare is offering cleaner beauty to our clients, and we practice what we preach. How do we do this? We use safer, low-toxic hair care products in our salon, we actively reduce waste, we teach sustainability and clean living in every area of life, and we continually strive to improve the beauty industry for the good of our clients and our planet both now and in the future.
Amazing Location
baddhare salon and clean mission myrtle beach sc
Baddhare Salon and Baddhare Clean Mission are now housed under one roof - conveniently located at 4377 N Kings Hwy in the Magnolia Row Plaza.
Salon Floor
hair salon myrtle beach sc
Our atmosphere is warm and inviting yet fun and upbeat. Our customer service and professionalism will exceed your expectations.
Sustainability Practices
Sustainability Practices
We take action to improve the beauty industry through sustainable practices, green certifications, and partnerships that hold us accountable.
Non-toxic Products
nontoxic clean beauty products myrtle beach sc
We offer safer hair care. All services can be performed with non-toxic product choices.
Clean Mission
nontoxic hair salon
Our clean mission educators can guide your wellness journey and help you integrate clean living in every area of your life!
Salon Hours
Mon, Wed: 11AM - 8PM
Tue, Thu, Fri: 9AM - 8PM
Sat: 9AM - 4PM
Sunday: Closed
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We are a Goldwell Certified Salon in the Grand Strand specializing in Curly Haircuts and Plant Based Beauty.

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