ORGAID at Baddhare Salon & Spa

Untitled design 3Now at Baddhare Salon and Spa is ORGAID organic skin care! ORGAID is a vegan, cruelty free and organic skin care line that was founded from curiosity and love. ORGAID began when a husband and doctoral student simply took a glance at his wife’s skincare and its ingredients and was appalled at what has been going on her skin! Like the majority of us, she didn’t truly know what some of these ingredients are, but with his expertise, he was all too aware.

After approaching his wife with his concern, he realized that with his experience and studies, he himself could construct a safe and effective skincare line for his wife to use. Of course, most people’s first thought is that natural ingredients often prove ineffective compared to your big box brands, you know, the ones on commercials that have those big words on the back of their bottles. By using a science-based approach, ORGAID founder Dr. Ian Baek selects and researches formulation for each ingredient used in his products, making this brand not only truly clean and green, but proven effective. Exactly the kind of product we at Baddhare Clean Mission want to share with our clients.

danispaThe Baddhare Spa is located on our first floor “Clean Mission” part of the salon, where we believe that health is wealth, and beauty doesn’t have to be toxic. We now offer facials using ORGAID products, including their famous sheet masks which along with other products are available for purchase. We truly believe you can FALL in love with your skin again, which is why for the entire month of October, all ORGAID products are 20% off. We believe everyone should experience clean, safe beauty and has the right to know what they’re using on their skin. We also believe that self-care plays a key role in your health, and that’s why also for the whole month of October, all first-time facial customers will receive 20% off their first facial in the Baddhare Spa. Immerse your skin in a “cosmetically pleasing skincare experience” this season and FALL in love with your skin again.

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