Jamie Zazzle
Jamie Zazzle

Jamie Zazzle

Level 2 Stylist

Jamie, a hair stylist with eight years of experience, recently relocated from Connecticut to South Carolina, bringing her passion and expertise to a new clientele. Her knack for curating customized cuts tailored to individual face shapes and personalities has earned her a loyal following. In addition to her precision cuts, Jamie thrives on experimenting with color, whether it's subtle highlights to enhance natural tones or bold, adventurous shades that make a statement. Her move to South Carolina has not only expanded her professional horizons but also allows her to embrace the vibrant Southern culture, infusing it into her work. Jamie’s dedication to staying updated with the latest trends and techniques ensures that every client leaves her chair feeling confident and beautiful. Her warm demeanor and genuine passion for her craft create a welcoming atmosphere in her new salon, where she continues to pursue excellence in hairstyling.
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