Hair Salon Tips For Curly Hair

Myrtle Beach hair salonEveryone with curly hair knows the expression: “Your hair looks so beautiful, I wish that I had curly hair!” Although it’s intended to be a compliment curly girls know that maintaining a curly hairstyle is much more difficult than it appears. Your curly hair can feel unruly and unpredictable.

Your hair care routine is what will make the difference between loving and fighting your curls. Curly hair is easier to manage if you use the right products and styles. Hair that is properly cared for will be healthier. Here are some simple tips from your Myrtle Beach hair salon to keep your curls strong and shiny.

Here are the best hair styling tips for curly hair

Curly hair is a different texture than other hair types. Curly hair requires more care and patience than straight hair. Curly hair does not have to be a curse. These tips, products and pointers will help make your curls look great. Some even let you sleep better!

1. Always work your hair from the root up.

You can detangle hair by working from the bottom. This allows you to avoid yanking at the roots and compounding knots. Our hair styling experts recommend that curly hair be raked with a wide-toothed comb and not a brush to protect it from damage.

Our stylist explain that curly hair is the most fragile of all types and is susceptible to breaking. A wide-toothed comb is gentlest for detangling curls. It doesn’t disturb the natural curl pattern in the same way as a brush. This means that you can save your brushes for straight styles or for taming flyaways.

2. Regular trims are important to prevent split ends.

A damaged hairstyle is not a good look. Split ends can also make your hair look frizzy. For healthy, shiny curls that look fresh and vibrant, visit the hairdresser every six to eight week for a quick trim.

3. To define and hydrate curls, use product “cocktailing”.

Hair Salon StaffOur hairstylist explains that product cocktailing simply means mixing multiple products together to meet your styling needs. Smoothing serum plus mousse and coconut oil plus styling spray is one styling cocktail. These products combine to give your hair a great hold without making it dry or crunchy.

A serum is the best option for those who don’t want to spend hours cocktailing. It helps smooth curls and gives them definition.

You can also apply styling cream to your hair with wet fingers: The product and the water combine to ensure that curls remain frizz-free. This allows you to refresh the curl pattern while styling the hair. Styling cream is great because it gives curls a firm hold without adding any crunch.

Be sure to ask your hair stylist the best combination of products  for your specific situation.

4. Include a conditioning treatment in your routine.

You don’t want your hair to go through a dry, dull phase. Use your fingertips to apply a small amount of oil or styling cream to your ends. This can be done with wet or dry hair. This will give your hair extra bounce and moisture.

If your curls look dry or frizzy at the ends, it is worth adding a leave in conditioner to your product mix. Spray a light-weight conditioning spray on your hair, especially if it is thin or needs more hydration. To give your hair more definition and hydration, apply a cream-based conditioner to dampened hair.

5. To keep your curls defined over night, try the “pineapple trick”.

Pineappling is a method where the hair is pulled loosely at the top of the head. This is usually done before bed. This helps to preserve the curl pattern and prevent excessive bedhead. When you are ready to take your pony out, give your hair a good shake.

Our Certified Deva Curl Specialist recommend that you use a scrunchie to keep your hair looking pristine in between washes. This will prevent hair breaking and ponytail creasing. If you don’t have a silk pillowcase, it is time to get one. These pillowcases are super smooth and reduce hair’s friction overnight. This makes your hair look hydrated every day.

6. To add body and texture to your curls, use a diffuser.

hair salon curly hairYou’re missing out if you don’t use the attachments included with your hair dryer. A hair diffuser helps to disperse the heat from your hair dryer into a larger area. This can help reduce frizz when curly hair is naturally dried. It can also help to even out curl patterns and increase the volume of thick curls, adding more body to your hair.

Use your diffuser in the following manner: After showering, use a microfiber towel to extract any extra moisture. Scrunch your hair in a scrunching motion. You shouldn’t use a towel or turban your hair. These popular methods may work well for straight-haired friends but will cause hair frizz and disrupt your curl pattern.

Use your favorite hair products as well as a thermal hair protector. You should use a heat protectant whenever you use heat tools to curl your hair. Place your hair in the diffuser and wrap the tool around it. Continue this process until you have defined curls. You don’t have to dry your hair completely. Allowing curls to air dry can help prevent frizz.

7. Use a curling iron, wand or curling comb to refresh your curls.

Although it may seem silly to curl hair that is already curly, this can be a great way for them to look better. Sabina Yannone is a Los Angeles hairdresser who specializes curly hair. If your curls seem too tight, increase the size of your iron to allow for more flexibility. A smaller barrel will give you tighter curls.

The curling wand can be used to fine-tune curly hair. It is easy to shape curls where you need it, at the root, mid-strand or end. In just a few minutes, you can achieve perfectly defined curls.

The best tips come from your hair stylist at Baddhare Salon. Call today to book your appointment.

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